Starting at LERSSE

LERSSE welcomes its new members!
To facilitate your integration in the UBC ECE and LERSSE life, you are encouraged to take the following steps in the specified order:

At Vancouver

  1. If you are an international student and have TA or RA, remember to get your social insurance number (SIN) from a Canada Human Resources Center. More information at Canada Human Resources and Social Development Website
  2. Apply your long-term health Insurance (Medical Service Plan (MSP)). More information at MSP of B.C.
  3. Apply for housing:
    • If you prefer live on campus, you can apply online at UBC Housing Department. You need to apply as early as possible, because it usually takes 9-12 months to get one.
    • If you prefer live Off Campus, you can get the rent information here: AMS Rentsline and Craigslist


More information can be found here: Top ten questions asked by first years

  1. Obtain a printable map of UBC. An interactive map can be found at Wayfinding at UBC.
  2. Get your student CARD from the UBC Carding Office, located in the UBC Bookstore. You are required to present a piece of government-issued photo identification such as a passport or driver’s license, and to quote their student number.
  3. Apply your CWL account online at UBC IT service department. Campus-Wide Login (CWL) is UBC’s single sign-on authentication system. It is designed to give you access to UBC’s online applications with the same username and password. A CWL account currently provides you with access to the Student Information System, the Library, myUBC, WebCT, and more.
  4. Register in courses by logging in at Student Service Centre
  5. Get your Upass from the UBC Carding Office, located in the UBC Bookstore. You can get more information at Upass office website
  6. Pay your tuition fees at the Brock Hall or through the Student Service Centre.


  1. Print out and fill out your portion of the new account form. Bring it for signature to the meeting with your supervisor.
  2. Meet your supervisor
  3. Obtain a UNIX computer account from Roozbeh Mehrabadi (Mcld 332). For more information on UNIX accounts visit ECE IT services website.
    • (If your status at ECE will be graduate student) Make sure ECE IT adds your address to the grads@ece.ubc.camailing list so that you will receive all important announcements for ECE graduate students.
  4. Introduce yourself to the Receptionist at the ECE Student Services office (KAIS 2010). Ask her about the procedure of obtaining FOB (key), which you will need to access the LERSSE lab (KAIS 4085).
  5. Introduce yourself to the ECE Graduate Program Administrator, Brandie Hill, in the ECE Student Services office (KAIS 5300).


  1. Create a gmail account if you don’t have one.
  2. Contact lersse-it at ECE dot UBC dot ca to
    1. provide your gmail address so that LERSSE calendars on Google can be shared with you.
    2. add your ECE e-mail address to the corresponding LERSSE e-mail lists. Get familiar with the mail lists and the content of their archives.
    3. add your ECE account to LERSSE portal
      1. add your personal and contact information to the list of LERSSE people
      2. read LERSSE FAQ lists.
      3. create your account at the LERSSE Perforce server
      1. read Perforce FAQ and learn how to use Perforce
    4. create your account at LERSSE digital library
      1. read digital library FAQ and learn how to use the library
  3. Set up your desk in the LERSSE lab KAIS 4085.
  4. Setup your computer and connect it to the ECE network. For more information visit How To Gain Physical Access
  5. Learn how to use LaTeX?
    1. Setup your Latex environment. If you are using Windows, you need to install MikTex? and WinEdt?.
    2. read Latex FAQ
  6. Read this consent form and, if you agree, print it, fill it out, sign, and return it to Kosta. The consent form is for allowing your superviser to include limited personal data about you in grant applications submitted for consideration to NSERC for the next six years. This limited data will only include your name, type of HQP training and status, years supervised or co-supervised, title of the project or thesis and, to the best of the applicant’s knowledge, your position title and company or organization at the time the application is submitted. If you do not want to sign the form, please notify Kosta so that he does not bother you about the form in the future.
  7. If you don’t have a personal web page, then create it. Otherwise, update it with your new status, contact information, and affiliation. Create a link from your record in the People page to your home page. For examples, have a look at the home pages of other LERSSE members.
  8. Read LERSSE policies

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