Tune In At CHI 2021 And Learn More About LERSSE’s Research

This year, three LERSSE papers got accepted at the most prestigious conference on Human-Computer Interaction (CHI 2021) and we invite youto join the presenters in the sessions to learn more about the research studies conducted at LERSSE.

The paper The U in Crypto Stands for Usable: An Empirical Study of User Experience with Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallets will be presented by Artemij Voskobojnikov and the paper “On Smartphone Users’ Difficulty with Understanding Implicit Authentication”  by Masoud Mehrabi Koushki.
The third paper, titled “Bits Under the Mattress: Understanding Different Risk Perceptions and Security Behaviors of Crypto-Asset Users” 
will be presented by our collaborator Dr. Svetlana Abramova from the University of Innsbruck, Austria on Wednesday, May 12th, between 12am-2am and 8am-10am.