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UBC Community Members

We have LERSSE seminars and informal meetings every week all year around. Please contact Konstantin Beznosov if you would like to receive announcements of LERSSEevents, or if you are a UBC student or faculty member doing LERSSE-related work that you would like to have included on our web site.

UBC Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in working on a research project with a LERSSE-affiliated faculty member, you should first sign-up for a course in computer security. You might also want to sign up for our mailing list and come to some of our events to learn more about the research projects we are working on. Undergraduate students can work on research projects for independent study. We sometimes have paid positions available as well.

Perspective graduate Students

LERSSE is always looking for excellent Ph.D. students. We accept small number of Masters students but they are expected to have their own funding. The number of open positions fluctuates year-to-year. LERSSE offers an exciting, dynamic, and advanced research environment in the areas of security engineering. Please check our projects to find out about some of the diverse areas we are doing research in. Follow these instructions to apply.

Research Assistantships

LERSSE has ongoing projects that require short term research assistants. Requirements for candidates vary depending upon projects. The usual skill set we require is a strong command of mathematics and programming (C++, Java, scripting, etc.) and an interest in research in security engineering. Salaries are commensurate with experience. Follow these instructions to apply.
If you are an undergraduate, you may be eligible for extra funding through an NSERC undergraduate scholarship. Students eligible must be enrolled in an undergraduate program and have a greater than 83% average. Application deadline is at the beginning of March. Results are announced at the end of April. To apply, contact Konstantin Beznosov for more information.

Associates and Visiting Researchers

LERSSE is always looking to partner and collaborate with fellow researchers. If you would like to be an associated member of the laboratory or be a visiting researcher, please send Dr. Beznosov the following information in plain text or in PDF:
Explanation of your research interests: what research you are interested in and what specifically you would like to do, if you come to LERSSE.
Samples of your research publications in English.
Details about your intended stay at the UBC: for how long you can and want to stay, start and end dates that you have to observe due to the constraints (e.g., your funding).

Postdoctoral Fellows

LERSSE hires occasionally postdoctoral fellows. Specific hiring plans depend on the funding and projects. Information about open positions is posted here.

Open Positions

See here for open positions.