SoK: The Dual Nature of Technology in Sexual Assault

SoK: The Dual Nature of Technology in Sexual Abuse

This paper systematizes and contextualizes the existing body of knowledge on technology’s dual nature regarding sexual abuse: facilitator of it and assistant to its prevention, reporting, and restriction. By reviewing 224 research papers, we identified 10 characteristics of technology that facilitate sexual abuse: covertness, publicness, anonymity, evolution, boundlessness, reproducibility, accessibility, indispensability, malleability, and opaqueness. We also analyzed how technology assists victims and other stakeholders in coping with and responding to sexual abuse. Our research questions examined the challenges in using technology to address sexual abuse too. For instance, its use by victims can lead to revictimization. To address technology’s challenges, we offer recommendations and suggest new research directions. These findings about the dual nature of technology can inform research and development toward better support for victims of sexual abuse.

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Obada-Obieh, B. (website, LinkedIn), Huang, Y., Spagnolo, L., & Beznosov, K. (2022, April). SoK: The Dual Nature of Technology in Sexual Abuse. In 2022 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP) (pp. 1533-1533). IEEE Computer Society.

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