How to Apply


If you are interested in joining LERSSE as a Master or Ph.D. student, please do the following:

  1. Read the LERSSE web site: to see if what we do is interesting to you.
  2. Take necessary exams, and apply to the UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.
    • Indicate your interests and list Dr. Beznosov as a possible supervisor, and
    • put down COSE as the research area of your choice.
  3. Apply for funding.
  4. Do NOT send any e-mail messages to Dr. Beznosov.
    • Due to large numbers of e-mails received, he won’t be able to answer your messages about your application.
    • If your application becomes shortlisted, then Dr. Beznosov will get in touch with you using contact information you provided in your application.


A successful student will:

  1. Have demonstrated excellent potential for research by having research publications (in English) in top international venues.
  2. Have high GPA (no less than 83% (i.e., 3.85/4.0)) from the undergraduate program.
  3. Be willing and able to successfully apply and study at the graduate program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia.
  4. Have fluent reading, speaking, and writing English.
  5. Have strong interest in the research areas of Dr. Beznosov.
  6. Have strong background in mathematics and/or systems.
  7. Have strong analytical skills.
  8. Have excellent public speaking skills.
  9. Be a great team player.

Please refer to the UBC Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering web site for department eligibility requirements and application procedures. Normally, students begin their study either in September or January.