People’s Adoption Intentions of COVID-19 Information Tracking Solutions


Researchers: Yue Huang, Borke Obada, and Konstantin Beznosov

Numerous information-tracking solutions have been implemented worldwide to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the data compiled by Top10VPN, 120 contact-tracing apps have been launched worldwide in 71 countries and regions.

These information-tracking solutions have diverse goals, such as identifying close contacts of a COVID-positive person, restricting public gathering restrictions, locking down, monitoring social distancing, and enforcing the quarantine. To achieve these tracking goals, solutions may require users to provide various types of data, such as their names,  location information, and phone numbers; all information not required for the contact-tracing solutions that have been heavily investigated. Therefore, in this study, we explore people’s perceptions of this wider spectrum of information-tracking solutions that require different personal information from users and achieve different tracking goals. Find out more about the study here.