Three LERSSE Papers Accepted At CHI 2021

We are happy to announce that three research papers were accepted at CHI this year. Masoud Mehrabi Koushki led a mixed-methods study on implicit authentication (IA) on Android and investigated the reasons for which users struggle with IA. Artemij Voskobojnikov led two studies investigating the challenges of crypto-asset users. The first study investigated the UX issues of mobile cryptocurrency wallets and the second project studied the heterogeneous crypto-asset user population and was co-led by Dr. Svetlana Abramova.


Paper 1: Bits Under the Mattress: Understanding Different Risk Perceptions and Security Behaviors of Crypto-Asset Users

Paper 2:  The U in Crypto Stands for Usable: An Empirical Study of User Experience with Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallets

Paper 3: On Smartphone Users’ Difficulty with Understanding Implicit Authentication