LERSSE Paper Gets Accepted at MobileHCI 2020

LERSSE Paper Gets Accepted at MobileHCI 2020

LERSSE paper titled “Is Implicit Authentication on Smartphones Really Popular? On Android Users’ Perception of Smart Lock for Android” has been accepted for publication at the Twenty-Second International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (MobileHCI 2020). The paper will be presented at the virtual conference holding later in the year. Abstract of […]

Findings on Touch ID in plain (British) English

My research group had a paper presented at SOUPS on the interplay between TouchID and iPhone security, which I’ve described in a recent post. Here’s a video made by a wonderful team at Kindea Labs that explains the key findings in language accessible virtually to anyone:

Towards strong and memorable passwords

System-generated random passwords have maximum password security and are highly resistant to guessing attacks. However, few systems use such passwords because they are difficult to remember. In this paper, we propose a system-initiated user-replaceable password scheme called “Surpass” that lets users replace few characters in a random password to make it more memorable. We conducted a large-scale online study […]

Android Rooting:
 Methods, Detection, and Evasion

User root their Android (or jailbreak their iPhone) smartphones. They do so in order to run useful apps that require root privileges, to remove restrictions by carriers and hardware manufacturers, and to alter or remove system apps. Rooted devices are prevalent. According to a recent Android security report, Google Verify Apps detected rooting apps installed on approximately 2.5M […]

How Much Can Chunking Help to Remember Banking PINs?

To ensure that users do not choose weak personal identification numbers (PINs), many banks give out system-generated random PINs. 4-digit is the most commonly used PIN length, but 6-digit system-generated PINs are also becoming popular. The increased security we get from using system-generated PINs, however, comes at the cost of memorability. And while banks are […]